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Downtown Groove (best) Downtown Groove (best)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definetely the best of the three.

Better than your last one, you did a good job of fixing the movement between different parts. I loved the guitar solo. (even if it was midi) Only three things I have to point out: You kind of killed the very beginning. I personally liked the blaring annoying midi sound. (Although only where it was) Second is in the first solo, the background parts drowned out the solo, big no no. You should fix that. My final piece of critisism would be that the ending was just too abrupt. It was like BAM, done. Maybe some background during the ending solo. (Not TOO much though.)

internut45 responds:

Thanks so much for reviewing. And yeah most of the faults were in the sound. I was using Finale PrintMusic so it was a little hard to manipulate the sound how I wanted. And the last solo was supposed to be a cadenza so kinda wraps it up.. I did this song for a music theory project so I tried to wrap it up quick and easy.. I'll have to think of better endings for my future songs. ^^